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Free Home Inspection when you list with the Utah Best Real Estate Team

Did you know that a home inspection report is a huge factor in getting the sale of your home to go through, so that’s way many sellers chose to complete a full pre-inspection before putting their home on the market?

A Home Inspection give you a heads-up on what a buyer will likely discover. This allows the seller to get a head start on identifying what needs to be fixed. You may decide not to do needed repairs but selling price will likely need to reflect that.

Reason to have a Pre-Sale Home Inspection

  • It’s an indication of honesty: Doing a pre-inspection sends a clear signal that you’re not trying to hide anything. It might even make a buyer feel confident enough to go ahead and submit an offer. Even if a potential buyer decides to pay for another independent inspection, your initiative will convey that you’ve cared for your home. Showing the buyer that you are willing to go the extra mile is never a bad thing.
  • It’s a negotiating strategy: Having a thorough inspection of your home keeps you from being blindsided by a major problem in a buyer’s inspection. It allows you to know when to stand firm on price and when you might need to give a bit. For example, if you know your home will need a new roof in a few years but have chosen not to replace it, you may need to give a little on price.

Knowledge is power — and in this case, knowing is also part of your bottom line.